Gutter Cleaning,

    Gutter cleaning should be left to the professionals.
When we clean your gutters we either start by blowing them out with a blower or scooping them out by hand depending on how full they are and what kind of material is in them. Once all of the heavy debris has been removed we pull out the hose and flush them to make sure that the smaller particles are removed as well. This is essential for making sure that your down spouts are functioning properly and flowing smoothly. If we find that you have clogged down spouts we will clean these out by either taking them apart or by using a plumbers snake. 
    Remember, mountain homes in fire prone areas should always have clean gutters to mitigate the risk of a fire starting in the gutters from a stray ember.                          
                                           Other Services:

Track Cleaning.
    We get deep into your tracks with soap and water or even a vacuum and a tooth brush if they are really dirty.

Window Wells,
    We clean out cob webs and leaves from your basement window wells.

Pressure Washing,
    We do light duty pressure washing of siding, decks, walls, etc.

Miscellaneous Jobs,
    If you need for us to change a light bulb or hang Christmas lights we would be glad to help you.  

Chandelier and Light Fixtures,
    We have the tall ladders and the experties to clean your dirty and hard to reach fixtures

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